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Mr. Wilson:
For years i've wanted to thank you for your books that made start my reading habit from when i was like 10 years old. The subject of your literature amused me like noone else and thanks to you now, in my 30's im still an avid reader. Im sorry for any typos, that's because im from Chile, a country in south america en my native lenguage is spanish. Suddenly all the ideas I wanted to express on this letter became a blur, but anyways, thank you for introducing me at a pretty short age to crime novels, for years i've been a lot into Chandler and Hammet an one day i realizaed it was all because of Terror in Winnipeg, the Canadian Express and Vancouver, books that i devoured when I was a kid, when my dad didn't let me stay up too late and I would turn on the light anyways and read 'em over and over again. So that it. Just wanted to express my gratitude for your writting and imagination.
Take care and keep up the good work!

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